Osseous Surgery

Conditions Treated
Pocket reduction surgery encompasses a range of different types of surgery tailored to individual circumstances in order to gain access to periodontally affected root surfaces and ensure long lasting and healthy gums. This procedure has the advantage of reducing pocket depths so that you may be able to maintain your gums in a healthy condition. Pocket reduction surgery has the following goals:

o To facilitate the removal of plaque and tartar carrying disease-causing bacteria by reducing pocket depths to normal.
o To eliminate the diseased lining of the periodontal pocket which aids in healing of the gum. This residual deep pocket lining impairs your ability to properly clean and maintain the gum margin.
o To reshape areas of bone that have been damaged by infection from the bacteria that are in the deep pockets. This enables you to maintain the area around the teeth more effectively.
o To restore confidence in ones dentition by renovating and reinstituting the health of the supporting structures of the teeth.

What does the procedure involve?
Although the word surgery is used, most patients report the procedure to feel like a detailed cleaning. After application of a local anaesthetic, a precise incision is made around the affected tooth/teeth in order to remove the diseased inner lining of the gum pocket and release the tissue to access the affected tooth root. After the roots have been thoroughly cleaned, reshaping of deformities is carried out. At this point, bone grafting may be considered in specific circumstances to promote regeneration of bone. Finally, the gums are precisely re-positioned and sutured. A special periodontal bandage or dressing may also be used if necessary.

Typically, it is unusual to have severe pain after the procedure and any discomfort is managed with pain medication and mouthwashes, which are always provided.

As usual, a comprehensive instruction sheet is provided detailing how to care for your mouth after the procedure to ensure there are no complications.



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